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Sparkling is an adult sex doll but she is miniature in height, mini sex dolls are easy to move around and are suitable for travelers who go on frequent trips. This female sex doll is suitable for many clients, some of whom will use it for movie shoots, and many will even collect this distinctive sex doll. In any case, the sex doll will do her best to fulfill the tasks you set for her, such as accompanying you or modeling for you while you paint. Or when you need to talk about your troubles she will be silently by your side.

Height: 100cm
Breast: 63cm
Waist: 39cm
Hip: 61cm
Anus Depth: 12cm
Vagina Depth: 12cm
Mouth Depth: 8cm
Net Weight: 13kg
Gross Weight: 15kg

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The above dimensions are all measured by hand, there may be a manual error of 2-4cm, but it does not affect the quality of the product.

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US, EU, Canada

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Sparkling Adult Love Female Sex Doll

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