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Sex Doll Torso Detail

Flat-chested sex doll torsos have flat chests, so if you like flat-chested dolls but don’t have much of a budget for full-body flat-chested sex dolls, you might want to choose this flat-chested sex doll torso. This sex doll torso is inexpensive and a great choice for new players to get started. Weighing in at only 7KG, this flat chested sex doll torso is a lightweight sex torso that is easy to carry on the go and easy to conceal.

Hip circumference:53cm
Weight: 7KG
Package size:57*27*18cm
Package weight: 8KG

Flat chest sex torso6Flat chest sex torso9 Flat chest sex torso8 Flat chest sex torso7 Flat chest sex torso5

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Small Flat Chest 7KG Sex Doll

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flat sex torso8

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