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Rhea is a flat chested sex doll, this flat chested sex doll is 18 years old and she was born flat chested to make her feel special. She is made of TPE material and has a vagina and anus that can be used, as well as a mouth that can be used to help you fulfill your desires.

Height: 100cm
Breast: 49cm
Waist: 41cm
Hip: 62cm
Anus Depth: 12cm
Vagina Depth: 13cm
Mouth Depth: 8cm
Net Weight: 14kg
Gross Weight: 17kg

flat sex doll1 flat sex doll6 flat sex doll13 flat sex doll9

The above dimensions are all measured by hand, there may be a manual error of 2-4cm, but it does not affect the quality of the product.



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Rhea Flat Pornstar TPE Sex Doll

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flat sex doll14

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